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           Massage for Gentleman

At Premier Massage we offer a service that is geared toward gay and straight men of discerning taste. We'll provide you with a safe and discreet getaway! A therapeutic-sensual relaxation experience like no other awaits you. Get in the zone with a private hour or indulge yourself in one of the Combination Deluxe packages. 

In your individual escape to a M4M massage, you will forget about all of your worries as you relax. There are several packages that are available to you. You will have the option to choose the one that best suits your needs. All packages include Deep tissue, Swedish, Reflexology, Trigger point and Stretching. Dare to cross the threshold and purchase a deluxe combination massage that we do offer! The studio is low key, discreet and designed to fit your comfort level. Peruse the website and make sure to go to our services and rates page for our "Premier packages" and "specials" that we do offer!


"Joseph is a good intuitive body worker, weaving energy work seamlessly into the session for long lasting relief and alignment. I had both his standard massages and his new combination bases session. It is the perfect balance between both therapeutic and sensual that makes it just perfect for me. I will continue to book him just for the combination rub down." 


"I was needing a quick re-charge and premeir massage service educated what session would benefit me the most. His gift for massage runs deep. After one of his massage's I was hooked. I have not tried the combionation massage as of yet. I will on my next visit!" 


"Premier massage is top nothch. Josephs work goes deeper than the surface. He actually gets rid of my tension. Some of these massage places I go to only offer a light touch, I am paying for something I want. I have a serious sciatic condition that Joseph helps me with. Since I have been going to him, I no longer feel the pain running down my leg. I also had a kinked neck, Joseph took me in at the last minute to work it out for me. Thank you Joseph!" 

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