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        Services &Rates

 Our studio sits behind route 295 and N. J Turnpike
100 West Camden Avenue, Moorestown N. J 08057 

60 Minute Classic Package

This is the most suitable introductory package for those in a rush, but looking to experience a classic massage. Relaxing strokes are included in this package to reduce stress. The classic package will help relieve general muscle tension. The choice here is between a therapeutic-based or a therapeutic-sensual approach to treatment. 60 Min. $100.00

75 Minute Traditional Package

For those with limited time, this traditional session is for you. This session is for those who are not certain of their needs. There is a combination of strokes, deep tissue, and reflexology. The massage is designed to meet the client's time constraints. You will feel rejuvenated in mind and body! The choice here is between a therapeutic-based or a therapeutic-sensual approach to treatment. 75 min. $125.00

90 Minute Platinum Package

You can take part in Premier's Platinum package, which includes deep tissue and Swedish massage. Its water-soluble consistency allows you to immerse your whole body in oil that encapsulates every inch of it. The choice here is between a therapeutic-based or a therapeutic-sensual approach to treatment. 90 min. $145.00

120 Minute Signature Package

This is Premier's Signature session that incorporates an intensive deep tissue massage, mixed with a Swedish and Reflexology. It is intended to address the entire body and give extra time to feeling lost on the massage table. This session is the ultimate pampering session that will leave you feeling your best! The choice here is between a therapeutic-based or therapeutic-sensual approach to treatment. 120 min. $165.00 

Prostate massage by hand: $25.00

If you receive a 120 minute Signature package (receive a free prostate massage, stretching ) A $25.00 savings!

There is a destination charge of $35.00 to the surrounding areas:

Princeton, Trenton, Lambertville, Marlton, Mount Laurel, Voorhees area.

There is a destination charge of $55.00 to Forked River, Sea Isle city, Ocean city, Freehold, Jackson and surrounding areas. 



        Male Body Grooming

We now offer full Body grooming, manscaping. If you cannot reach those hard-to-reach areas, we offer shaving and trimming services. We use clean and sterile trimmers for the safety of our clients. We can have any area of your body trimmed or shaved to your preference.Maintaining a clean look can give back to you your own self confidence!   

Chest alone:                           $25.00

Chest, Back and Scrotum    $35.00

          Prostate Massage

Sexuality has nothing to do with this.

Think that having your prostate stimulated by yourself or a partner will turn you gay? It won't. It may, however, turn your enjoyment of sex up a notch or three. See, the prostate is instrumental in every male orgasm regardless of orientation and luckily, straight men are benefiting from getting to grips with how to get the most fun out of theirs.

What this walnut-to-plum-sized gland does is secrete a slightly alkaline goo that makes up around a third of a man's semen. The rest is largely sperm and seminal vesicle fluid and these ingredients mix during orgasm. That spasm you feel when you ejaculate? That's the prostate hard at work. It's located below the bladder, and is sometimes known as "the male g-spot."

You've heard of the g-spot right? It's the name often given to the spongy area on the inside front wall of a woman's vagina that is said to produce powerful orgasms. For men, the prostate is a highly sensitive erogenous zone that can provide similarly intense orgasms. And like the female g-spot, prostate massage—literally being rubbed—has been known to induce a more prolific projection of ejaculate.

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